I feel sooooo alone, but really I’m not.

More than a few of us have had to navigate mental health challenges to include: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and the full spectrum of such conditions. Part of me imagines that our brains and our bodies align to manifest the outward experience of living in an angst driven society that de-centers gentleness and ease with oneself and with the process of life.

It is fairly easy to dismiss, misunderstand, and diminish the experience of mental illness and brain disease if you have no previous experience or awareness of it in your own life. Sometimes I have hesitated to share my joy and wellness, in fear that my hardship won’t be taken seriously. It’s crazy, but I fear that others might miss the overwhelming emotional, physical, and spiritual pain one has to cross over from moment to moment and breath to breath until healing is complete. I have found it difficult to navigate this pain of indescribable nature that has no visible manifestations nor obvious symptoms. The pain doesn’t always go away when I talk about. It is partially a physical turmoil and needs a physical response; a release of some sort.

Along the healing road, I have found that it REALLY helps to be understood, remembered, and considered with warmth and compassionate care.

Here is a collection of creative illustrations that make wonderfully clear the struggles many of us have had within our mental health experience (whether clinically diagnosed or not). I am in a healing place now and yet I have felt many of these sentiments at one time or another as I found my truth about my mental health experience.

At this juncture, I can praise and celebrate my experience with anxiety and depression not just because of the strength I’ve gain and the healthy life practice I am cultivating but also for the gift I can be to others. Whether through inspiration , compassion, or direct assistance I can offer a hand in healing to others. This swells my heart in a way that I can’t explain. And what is more exciting is that EACH of us has the capacity and power to do this and to be a light for one another in this world.

So while I often feel alone, I really am not. I am always loved, I am always protected, I am always comforted when I still myself, breathe , and reconnect with my spiritual power. Sometimes this is easier said than done, but I am always gonna try.

I am NOT gonna give up.

that’s a fact; and that’s my bottom line. 🙂

Below are diagrams/ creative expressions I made to share with others about my own healing and recovery process.

What anxiety can feel like:


What it can feel like to go on or come off meds:


What I have gained from the experience so far:


I hope this is helpful to someone along the same journey or one who desires to support a loved one toward optimal mental health.

Update: Check out the comics mentioned above (21 Comics that Capture the Frustration of Depression):  http://www.buzzfeed.com/hnigatu/comics-that-capture-the-frustrations-of-depression

Post a comment about which ones caught your attention or made an impression?  Mine are 3,9,16,19, and 20.  I like 4, 5,6, and 21 as well.