I didn’t really intend to write about mental health, but I will do so until something else inspires me.  The sentiments expressed are sincere, but also impermanent reflections from inspired moments.  The ideas I share are only a fraction of who I am or something I have felt and my beliefs and experiences transform with each new day.  I write because it’s healing for me and because I hope to share catharsis with others.  I look forward to moving from the heavy stuff to the fun stuff but for now I celebrate the spiritual “nighttime” that comes occasionally and the blooming that happens in the apparent absence of sunlight.

-Moon Flower


p.s. While I am committed to the important rules of grammar and most general writing conventions, this blog is not heavily edited.  My goal is to get content out quickly enough to be helpful to others.  Please message me if you catch any errors that you find grossly offensive or confusing.  Thanks!


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