The Moonflower

I titled this blog after the moonflower when I discovered the amazing wonder of this night-blooming beauty.  There are several species of night-blooming flowers and this got me to thinking about my relationship to nighttime and darkness.

I used to be a night owl.  I love the quiet and the stillness.  The day is over and my worries of the day have passed into thin air.  I can create, cleanse, dance, dream, and any number of things.  In the late hours past midnight I have heard God most clearly.  No distractions, no buffers.

In life’s turn of events, I no longer stay up late into the night as much.  Now I rise before the sun does and that has been really uncomfortable.  There is a vulnerability in the quiet morning darkness that I never noticed when I stayed up late into the night.  In the absence of the sun, I have to create my own light and my own energy to get started, energized, and excited about the day.  Sometimes this goes well and I have a really powerful morning.  Sometimes it’s too scary, too naked, too bare.  But there is a magic and a science to it all;  and many of us inhabit this space of miraculous growth in the apparent absence of light.

 I shared my thoughts with a friend, just an ol’ country boy,  who is also an early riser and wakes each morning as early as 3am.  He remarked to me with great empathy: It is in the darkness, that we can truly see who we are.